Saturday, November 25, 2006


Sorry for my long absence, ladies and germs; we at Grace Undressed are once again experiencing technical difficulties, viz. my laptop being a jankie old jalopy of a machine. There's no point in starting a long, soulful entry about the hard times at the titty bar or the mutating nature of my relationship with my romantic partner or the hat I'm trying to make myself knit for my brother's baby or how the phrase "brother's baby" in and of itself makes me want to go lie down for a while in a dark room. No point, because at any second I'll be caught and booted off the Internet connection I'm poaching from neighbors because my own no longer works, and I'll find myself suddenly alone writing these frantic declarations to myself. It's like writing to you from the freaking Bastille.

Anyhow, I'm back from Boston and it's awful nice to be home. While I was gone, the weather got crisp and beautiful and someone came and built an upscale loft building on our street of haunted Edwardian bungaloes. My cat got fleas. My friend Scarlett decided to move to New York at some unspecified date in the future. My boyfriend succumbed to loneliness and started smoking pot again. The Satanist's dog died and then he asked me to go to the Melvins show with him but I said no. I went back to the titty bar and the lean season is upon us again, which means all the cheapest and savviest pervs are there looking to score discount handjobs and holiday time is here with it's short days and long nights and supressed panic. Fantastic.

No time for more. If you miss me, buy me a computer.


Brad K. said...


For an intermittent computer -- compose your message off line, use Word or notepad or some such. Save the file every 5 or 10 seconds. When you get the post completed and reviewed, then log on, copy your message (Control-C or right-click and 'copy') from Word or notepad, go to the browser page and paste (Control-V or right-click 'paste') the message. Submit the post, quickly. This gives less time-exposure for a glitch to interfere with the message.

Sorry to hear about the fleas!

For my sister's first (girl) I bought a pattern and sewed a baby blanket. Cute ducky pattern, lightly filled and quilted. At least I didn't hear any complaints from her daughter! Welcome back, and best of luck!

PamelaRiver said...

Ah Brad, what a cheap trick to keep from buying Grace a new computer!

J/k. Hey babe. We should catch up.

diopter said...

I miss your entries! Sorry your computer is on the fritz again. Best I can offer is a warm-hearted grammar tidbit (because I do adore your virtual self, because I'm a grammar smitty, and because you threatened to come and take me as your lover...hehe).

So from one writerly gal to another:

Its = possessive
It's = contraction of it is / is has.

Because I admire your writing :)

Hope I don't seem a jerk for that.

Grace said...

Sweet diopter,
My mother would bless you.

diopter said...

Ah, your Mom and I would get along!