Tuesday, February 14, 2006

dear john

So Mr. Red Tie has e-mailed me twice about the lunch date I half-assedly sort of not really agreed to. I finally wrote him back this morning to let him down:

Mr. Red Tie,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I've thought a lot about our lunch date, and I think we've been very honest with each other, so I'm just going to be honest.

Awww. See, Mr. Red Tie? I trust you. Isn't that sweet of me?

I must have been carried away when I agreed to meet you outside the club.

You swept me off my feet with your good looks and charm, you see. How's a giddy young thing like me to resist?

I have a very strict personal policy against this, as I've had some bad experiences this way in the past. Thank you for understanding.(At least, I hope you do!)

The world is full of psychos and a girl can't be too careful.

I do enjoy your company and hope to see you again.

Threw this in, just in case. Although to be honest, I could live without this one. The money was good enough, but I've made just as good without having to flail around guarding my poon while I was trying to dance. So sulk all you want, Red. The world is full of money, and frankly, you're kind of a jerk.


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