Monday, April 03, 2006

big titty girls are gone

Dawdled on my way to work Saturday and was still only the second girl there at almost noon. No customers, of course. Sat around in the dressing room for a half hour with Kandy, the brand-new 18-year-old black girl, talking about the state of the club. Kandy has only been with us a month, but she works more than I do, and was listing for me all the dancers she hasn't seen in the last few weeks. "The big titty girls are gone," Kandy sez. "The blondes are gone. Just you and me, baby." On Tuesday, she said, one other dancer showed up besides her. The two of them rotated on and off stage all day. Customers see that and bail, sometimes for the day, sometimes permanently.

In the end, the girls showed up, the customers came in, and it was actually a fairly good day. I made bank, in fact. But it's time to find an alternate venue, before the other clubs get crowded with our refugees -- if they aren't already. Those other girls didn't vanish from the face of the earth, I know. I'm half scared that I've already waited too long -- am I the last little rat on the ship, staring at the sky and wondering why my feet are getting wet?

On the other hand, I personally do well at this club most days, because of my regs. Starting at a new club will be like starting from zero, unless I can convince them to follow me up north or down south -- not a sure thing, by any means.


Mimi in NY said...

what comment is missing from my blog? I haven't deleted anything. These anon commentors are so fucked up.

Grace said...

Ah, I didn't post anything. Sucker must be drunk.

Woolybear in PA said...

I have recently had several of my favorite dancers "retire" from my regular club. One let me know where she is going and I gladly followed her. Do let your regulars know your new venue.

Grace said...

Welcome, woolybear! I'll take your advice.

Anonymous said...

I know what you meant by starting from scratchin a new club. My girlfriend came from AZ to IL (Chicago) and she changed her club to try in this new land. What she learnt from the experience is how poorly considered by some managers are the dancers in the Chicago area. In addition, as you said starting from scratch leads you to a really bad economic period.
At the end, she went back to AZ, and what I feel is that I am about to lose her.(I still live in IL).
I feel anger sometimes, but we tried it, at least.
All right, in conclusion, if you are in known place for sometime, you already have your 'regulars', you know the managers, the owner(s), and all of the stuff.
Do not change for some 'stressed' dancer trying to bother, because that is normal elsewhere.
My respect.(orion2006)