Tuesday, May 09, 2006

strippers 1, bikers 0

Gnarly Tattooed Biker Guy at strip club bar, when politely asked if Our Heroine might join him for a beer: "Whatever. If you want to. I don't care."

11:15 pm: "I don't have a girlfriend" -- no, I didn't ask -- "Women can't accept my priorities. I tell them my son comes first, my bike comes second, my job comes third. If they're lucky, they might come in ahead of my truck. I like that truck, though."

11:17 pm: "I don't need women. If I wanted to listen to bullshit, I'd turn on the TV."

Seconds later: "You can dance now, if you want to."

11:45 pm: "I bet you're a hot fuck. Keep dancing"

11:46 pm: "Have you ever been on a bike?"

11:48 pm: "What I need is someone I can travel with. Someone I can just call up and say, 'Hey, we're going to Mexico.' Someone who wouldn't ask me how long we're gonna be gone, cause I'm like that, you know. I don't live by a schedule. I go where I wanna go, when I wanna go. God, you're beautiful. What nights did you say you work again?"

Game. Set. Match. Score one for the strippers, and g'night.


diopter said...

Now THAT is a catch. Better get on that, Gracie!

Grace said...

Awww. You know, he wasn't as bad as I'm making him out. It just tickled me to see his big-strong-man exterior crumble to reveal the lonely boy inside. At the end of the day, they are all lonely boys. Maybe all of us are.

diopter said...


PamelaRiver said...

Either way, babe, you are one hot mama.