Saturday, May 31, 2008

I've got a tip for you

So, a couple of people suggested I put up a link to accept donations and after some though I am doing so. There is absolutely no expectation or demand that anybody contribute. Having a reader is an awesome thing for a writer, and you do more than enough for me just by being here.

But in the instance that you enjoy the blog, and wish to express your appreciation through monetary means, then far be it from me to deny you. Give me whatever you woudl slide in my thong if I were on stage, or whatever you would spend to buy this if it were a book, or whatever you would give to a busker in the subway.

I think PayPal will let you include a "message to seller" or whatnot. If you send me an e-mail or an address I will send you a thank you note, because I try to be well brought-up like that.



Anonymous said...

I'm curious: how much would one expect to be slid under one's thong?

I've never tipped a dancer because the only clubs I've been to were what we called "ripper" bars when I was a teenager, and the girls just came out on a big stage and progressively shed all their clothing over 3-4 songs. It wasn't what you might call a culture of tipping.

I'll admit the major pull for me was the cheap draught beer. I haven't been to a club since, so never went as a proper adult.

I imagine the notion of a good tip might vary from region to region, but I'm curious what that range might be, anyway. Since I don't have the 10-15% to work off of the final bill, I don't have my usual gauge.

I'm also trying to work out how this might work in Canada, with all the small denominations now in coins!

Some people can make a real living off micropayments (well, I don't have to tell you that, since micropayments/tips are the cornerstone of the service industry) so I hope that works out for you.

-- clvrmnky (Blogger login isn't working)

Prithvi said...

Hi, I am from India and striping in public is considered insane here. So from childhood I had a perception that strippers are good for nothing creatures who don't have a heart. But after seeing your blog and enjoying your writings I now have a different perspective of people in your profession. Well actually I have formulated a motto that "Never judge anyone by their profession". I really like your blog and your character. My best wishes for your well-being. Sooner or later I will slide my contributions in your thong! lol :-)

Kendra said...

Hey. I'm one of those who just found you and have started reading every time you post and catching up on the past. I understand that this was not made with the intention of selling it, but there are a few places online that will print to order, which would save you from having to shop around for a buyer. You are an incredible writer. Thanks for allowing a California-born Portland girl access to this world.

FAU5TU5 said...

Awesome.. There is just something special about feeling like being able to chip a few bucks be it $1. $5. $20. to someone who has given you something for free. Especially compared to tipping rude waitresses or bored baristas.. I enjoyed, every entry more than a cup of Starbucks.. or a single shot at the bar.

Thanks Grace, my $20.00 comes with a playful slap on the rear... Please don't call the manager.

Yeah, I think that will make me the high roller for a while.. So when you have free time around this virtual club, languidly and casually stretch out near me and make small talk till I cave and have to buy another dance.

And FYI, typically in the old days, you would tip $1.00 in the garter as regularly as you wanted to gently graze the dancers thigh... which ended up being whenever she danced by. But that was when you coffee was $0.50. I would say now, if you want to show a dancer on the stage that you appreciate her "style" a $5. or $10 grabs the attention beyond those who are going the "buck-a-pass" method waving a fan of $1.00s and saying "Ddddddaaaaammn baby,.. you on fire!!!

And for a dance,.. call it $20.00 unless it's two for one.. but then you still wanna have them enjoying it, so add a little. And if you can get by with just one song... WOW..

(All fun aside, I hope that there are enough people who read and actually realize how little $5-$10. is for the pleasure of reading this.. Paperbacks (shitty ones) are like $7.95 + tax at least, and the majority of that goes to the publishers. A movie is $10.00 and thats like what 90 minutes and usually crap, and again the wrong people get the $$$.

Oh, and Grace, since the BoingBoing gang is here, (we all know who we are,.. or dont) If you ever have technical difficulties again... Let us know. Many of us have spare HD's sitting around and any software you would need. Or know where to get them for dirt)

Thanks again, and hopefully other's are as willing to throw a couple bucks you're way.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog.Grace you are articulate and write very well and yeah you made laugh.Hope to keep reading your blog.

Grace said...

Wow. I am really touched and amazed. Thank you so much, guys. Your thank-you notes will be mailed.

Katie said...

Hi. I've read the entire archives in three days- I'm not a creepy stalker, just a fast reader with time on her hands.

I've enjoyed myself. Were I not broke as crap myself (and unemployed, but WAY too chickenshit and incompetant to do what you do), donations would be forthcoming.

You're very straightforward and enigmatic, which is so appropriate for how you present yourself. I wonder now if I've ever met anyone like you and missed them. I hope not.

Thank you.

wickedneuron said...

That's not a bad idea, by the way. Turning all of this into a book.

Some Creative Commons advocates have put plenty of a book's contents online and still made money off the hard copy.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Grace. You have something valuable and humanizing to say about the 'business'. Your writing is meaningful and deserves contribution. To paraphrase Field of Dreams, "If you write it, they will pay"

In my past, I dated a writer / stripper. Married her, too. Now we have two beautiful children, are staring at our ten year anniversary, and survived a battle with cancer. Transitions are hell, but without them, nothing changes.

This is my promise to contribute... your writing makes me think of my beloved.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, I've slipped my monetary gratitude into your PayPal box.

However, I forgot to change my address... as sweet as the offer is, please don't send a thank you to "the vinery" as it will go to my many years old college address!

Thanks again. So enjoying reading this.

Roland Hulme said...

I think it's entirely appropriate. You're laying yourself just as bare in your blog as you do on stage. Just a totally different part of your body is being exposed (your brain/mind/soul.)

I haven't commented much, but I've been with you for well over a year now, so I guess you could say I'm one of your regular customers.

Anonymous said...

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