Tuesday, April 28, 2009

be my imaginary friend!

For the truly insatiable, I now exist as a unit of social media on Facebook (Grace Fuller) and Twitter (graceundressed), even though I don't really understand what Twitter is for. If you're into these things, come find me!

Ed: To those who have expressed concern, no I am not giving up blogging in favor of tweeting. Just, this way I get to spy on your lives like you get to spy on mine. :)


nikkos said...

I would love to- but there are several Grace Fuller's on FB...which one is you? :)

Grace said...

Good point. I've added a link to the particular Grace Fuller that is me.

Ehsan said...

you need to 'follow' people on Twitter to see what they are doing: http://help.twitter.com/forums/10711/entries/14019

Anonymous said...

Sent you a Twitter request.

hope you are happy and well!


Adelaide said...

I've just spent 5 days reading through all of your posts and i have to say, I'm enchanted. So i guess i've basically read through 3 years of the life you have shown to other people. And what can i say but, you have an amazing talent. It isn't about the stripping, though that does draw people in to start looking at this blog. It's the way you write, your style and use of words.

You say people throw the word "love" around alot, and i have to agree it's true, but it's also true when i say i love these entries, I love them as much as all my favourite books, i love them because they made me cry and laugh and they made me feel angry occasionally. And i love them because they make me feel hope, hope that you're project will be accomplished and that you'll finally be doing something that is entirely of your making.

I love making things, for me it brings a sense of fulfillment when you finally finish something you've put alot of effort into.

I know this is a really long comment, but i just have to say, you're probably one of the most amazing, fantastic and talented people i've ever (for lack of a better word) seen.

Seriously, if you wrote a book i'd buy it, because your descriptions of things are beautiful, and what you write is beautiful.

all the best

Frank said...

The thing about twitter is that I feel like I've posted the wacky stuff about my day in lil spurts, so I feel like I don't have to write about them later on.

Mark Robillard said...

i like twitter for the random, pointless thoughts that spontaneously fart of my brain. Damn, that a rude thing to say. See what I mean? Sorry.

walter said...

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Anonymous said...


To help you understand twitter.