Tuesday, November 28, 2006

me again, who else

OK, we're on again. I've called in some favors and the old jalopy is back on three wheels for the time being. I don't have much of relevance to blog, though. I've been playing hooky from the titty bar since the Monday before Thanksgiving, nursing myself slowly through a gentle, seasonal bout of melancholy. Does anyone else think Seasonal Affective Disorder is just another name for Really Hating Christmas?

Appropo of nothing, this morning I got a $50 haircut for $25 in a backyard full of dogs and rusting bicycle parts and blowing leaves. Grace's tip for thrifty living: make friends with junkies. The costs of their professional services are surprisingly flexible, especially around the end of the month when rent is due and they still want to score.


Brad K. said...

Grace, look up a chiropractor that is qualified in Applied Kinesiology. Ask her/him to show you how to do your own food testing. That is step one, although testing for foods, vitamins, herbs, and such that might slow you down is plenty enough reason to do this. Be prepared -- some foods work one day, not the next, others (I ping on most breads regularly, except the cheapo Wal-Mart hot dog buns. Go figure.) will always give a 'skip this one' signal.

Two. Browse the supplements aisle at your grocery store, Wal-Mart, or drug store. Pick up the regulars that pass the food test, look for Vitamin B (nerves), C and E, A and D. Check St. Johns Wort, and Thermo-Tab stress tabs, these are intermittent for me. I take a St. Johns Wort (for depression) one to three capsules a week, instead of two capsules two to three times a day the way the label states - Nothing happens immediately, but in a day or so the days start to seem brighter. Plus the low dosage avoids most of the side effects. I find that the Thermo-Tabs do almost as much good, although they have a different pattern for passing the food test.

Use the testing to check what you eat, to avoid things that drag your energy down. Luck!

Anonymous said...

St. John's Wort interferes w/ the effectiveness of birth control. Babies are more depressing than Christmas