Monday, December 03, 2007


Well, gang, this might be it. I'm putting my clothes back on, at least for now. I wanted you to be the first to know.

Mr. B came in last night and we spent a sweet and quiet evening in the VIP. It will be our last. B. is not renewing his VIP membership. The managers have changed their minds too many times about what is and isn't included in the VIP membership, and he's tired of the nonsense. And anyway, he's probably gotten the maximum psychological benefit out of having naked girls on his lap. When he started coming to the club late last fall he was overweight and shy, hadn't been laid in eight years, and didn't even remember (he says) what it was like to have a conversation with a girl.

"Coming here was like a dress rehearsal, practice" he says. "To remind me how to be with women." I feel good about my role in B.'s adventures in Lapland. I'm glad he's smart enough to quit while he's ahead.

This club's gotten strange lately. Or maybe it's me, noticing things I didn't used to notice. The dressing room seems filthier. Plates of half-eaten food and the dead remains of two dozen Bacardi-pineapples and Redbull-vodkas sit on the make-up counter all night. The lightbulbs die and no one replaces them. The new girls they're hiring now are very young, or have bad skin and bellies. It's not kind of me to notice, but it's a bad sign.

I see the new girls come in, flocks of them wheeling through the messy dressing room like seagulls, squeaky voices and eyes shiny with excitement and Jagermeister. I'm 27 and I'm old. It doesn't matter if the club has changed, or if it's me. When you feel like this, it's time to go.

B. leaves and I spent the rest of the night in VIP with a forty-something "credit specialist" who tells me he did two years in Huntsville for a three-strikes DUI. "I never joined a fucking gang," he says. "I'm not a racist. I was alone. I got beat up a lot of times. The worst thing was to see what people do to each other. Because I love people, and I hate to see it." He coughs, and then a tear rolls out one ice-colored eye. I hold him and kiss his cheek.

From the corner of one eye I see one of the new girls come in with a guy by the hand. They sit on the couch catty-corner to us. She straddles his lap reverse cowgirl and leans forward to put her hands on the floor. She rubs her crotch vigorously over his and he reaches down and grabs her tits full-handed and squeezes. I can't read her face at all.

My ex-con whispers in my ear that he'd like a girl to fuck him in the ass with a dildo, and do I think that's strange. No, I say. I think that's fine. "You're so sweet," he says. "You're just the sweetest woman. I never met a girl like you."

I'll work ten more days. Till the end of the month. Then something else, I don't know what. A woman I met at a professional mixer last month offered to do fundraising for Dayjob Project. She's a pro and she's working for me pro-bono because she loves the project. I trust her. She'll get me some money. That's six months away, though, at least.

What I'll do till then is anybody's guess. I could cocktail waitress at the club or at some other club. I could sell my body to medical studies, the way I did when I was 19. I could teach yoga. Or any combination of the above.

I could change my mind tomorrow and keep taking my top off to Fitty Cent for the next five years, or whenever C. plans on being done with school. I don't think so though. I think I'm through. At least for now.


Anonymous said...

How dare you not want to take your clothes off for US dirty old men!!! We will miss you, your neat laugh, and smiling face. I hope you will miss dancing for me and getting kisses on your neck.
I can understand your customers irritation with the club. They made all kinds of promises on the pamphlet about VIP but have yet to deliver.


Cath said...

To be in the business that you are and keep sane - as you have - is amazing... whatever you decide to do - I know I will continue reading....Good luck.

Avalon said...

27 is NOT old!!

You are in the prime of your life, so get out there and live it! Best of luck with your new venture ;)

Grace said...

Twenty-seven isn't old. It just feels old right now.

And I really wish I had read that post from Hans before I published it. Now everyone knows I let at least one dirty old man kiss my neck back in VIP. I make him wipe the slobber off before he does it, though. That way I don't get all sticky.

Honey said...

Is it possible things are harder right now because it's December i.e. the crappiest month to strip?

Of course, I'm not speaking from actual club experience, just the gossip of my veteran stripper friends.

I hope whatever you decide makes you feel happy and well. And I hope you keep writing, even if your next adventure finds you clothed and slobber-less.

Anonymous said...

I started at 29. I was a technically trained dancer who actually thought I could just dance pretty and make money- ahahah. there were 18 yr. olds less naive than I was in the clubs...You write the truth of it all in your stories....thank you for that service.
Sharing the psychological, substitute first date, sister to army/navy boys, mother to young stupid ones, listening, caring, priestessing that goes right along with the "I'll wiggle my tits for 20 bucks" aspects of it....

I hope you'll save some money, invest in yourself and enjoy a good life wherever you go.