Friday, August 01, 2008

bake sale

Ok, this is it -- the closest thing to a virtual lap-dance that I can devise for you. After extensive taste-testing with my friends and loved ones, I have discovered The One True Perfect Brownie recipe. (And its companion, the One True Perfect Blondie Recipe.) I now make the baking mix available to you online through my Etsy store.

These are seriously, truly delicious. I've been taking them everywhere I go for the last month and no one has failed to freak out over their dense flavor and preternatural gooiness. The chocolate brownie is dark, intense chocolate and the blondie is an incredible butterscotch flavor.

All proceeds go toward my basic expenses so I can keep working on the dayjob for another month or two and not have to look for honest work. If there is anything left over after my basic expenses are covered, I will pay off the hospital in Colorado where they cut my tummy open last summer. (Insurance took care of most of the costs, but alas, not all.)

Mention the blog at checkout for $2 off purchase price.



Frank said...

This is madness.
Brownies over the toobs.

Jill said...

Those sound sinfully delicious. I'm all about brownie mixes, so I think I'll be picking up one of each! Thanks for sharing!

Pamela said...

Hey, I took your advice and started a blog. Pamela's Lounge. It is kinda fun.

Anonymous said...

would if i could - they look great! but live in Australia so don't think they'd get through :-(

taotechuck said...

Preternatural goodness? If they're half as good as your stories, they're the best damned brownies ever to walk the face of the earth.

(Assuming, of course, that brownies can walk.)

I found your blog through Storylog. Your writing is wonderful. I look forward to reading more.