Tuesday, October 28, 2008

six things you didn't know about me until now

Thanks to the very lovely LiaStarLight for tagging me with the Six Random Things Meme, thus providing me with a ready-made quick and dirty blog entry to satisfy the masses (that's you) while I spend the rest of the week filing various pieces of paper with various people whose job is to make sure people like me file various pieces of paper. If I file all the papers correctly, I get a bag of money by the end of year.

So here you go. Six exclusive, previously unrevealed biographical factoids about yours truly.

1. My blood type is O negative, the universal donor. I have to admit I derive some small, obscure sense of pride from this, even though it wasn't my choice or doing.

2. My Myers-Briggs Type is INTJ, although very close to being INFJ. Though I know MBTI is debatably founded in pseudo-scientific bushwah, descriptions of those types do strike me as accurate.

3. My learning style is visual-kinesthetic. I am almost completely unable to decipher information presented auditorily, which probably explains why I suck at karaoke and struggled through lecture-format classes in school.

4. My first declared college major was chemical engineering.

5. I am a better shot with a shotgun than with a pistol. (But who isn't?)

6. As a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a journalist or a spy.

I am supposed to tag six other bloggers now, but I'd rather take volunteers than call people out. If you would like to pick up the meme now, just say so in the comments section and post a link to your blog. The first six people to pipe up will get linked from this post.

First up: The Crow! (I'm excited about this one...she's a smartie with an extremely random P.G. Woodehouse quote in her header.)

More brave volunteers:
Frank of Vader on Ice
Clever Monkey
Amy and the Fifth Beatle
Jody Ekert of Inside Out Australia

And as a final, special treat, six delightful random things from one of my favorite people on earth, my brilliant and talented friend Pamela at Pamela's Lounge, a blog created to house scraps of prose that drift loose while she writes her first book.

And now I have papers to file. I promise something more substantial by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

INTJ! That's great! I, myself, believe that Myers-Briggs is awesome. It made the whole world make sense to me.

Of course, it's based in psychology, mostly Jungian. And the goal of the whole thing is to become in the center of each (you're well on your way to perfection, being on the line between F and T).

I'm an ENTJ. Just call me Commandant.

Grace said...

Yeah. Actually, I like MBTI a lot. And I have a soft spot for many things Jungian. But some strange voice in my head demands I remain skeptical.

(Oh, and if I were going to brag, which I never would, I also tell you that I'm right on the line between F and P also. So, even more nearly theoretically perfect. But I am wildly far on the I and N scales.)

I like ENTJ's a lot. They're my favorite kind of bossy people. I'd let Lia tell me what to do all day long. :)

Anonymous said...
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Grace said...

Now I want to know everybody's Meyer's Briggs Type. If you don't know it, there's a few free online ones floating around out there.

Anonymous said...
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FifthBeatle said...

Yeah, why not!


Frank said...

I'd like to pipe in, but I haven't completed the meme yet. Will do so by the evening: www.vaderonice.com is my site/blog.

Clever Monkey said...

I just ran with the idea. Here's mine:


Pamela said...

Here's mine:


Anonymous said...

Pick me pick me.


Will put the blog up later today with my answers.

Frank said...

Hey, chica. I came up with 6 random things about me. They are here: http://vaderonice.com/?p=191

Also, your link to my blog isn't working right. Looks like its got your blog at the front of the address for some reason.

Thanks again for passing along the fun "assignment."

Anonymous said...

I'm o+ and can give to almost everyone [I guess that makes me the semi-universal donor] and I take some kind of weird, pride in that also LOL.

davka said...

Did you know there are conspiracy theorists who believe that rh negative blood is a link to extra-terrestrials. haha. supposedly positive blood can be traced to the rhesus monkey and negative blood can't be, so where does it come from? The theory states that people with rh-negative blood are more dominant and usually have pretty eyes and hair and shit like that. I know, it's bullshit but it's fun! Also, an rh-negative mother's blood will attack the rh-positive blood of a baby in the womb and these people believe this is a sign that the extra-terrestrial blood tries to maintain a pure blood line. ;)

some of my most exquisite friends have been rh negative. probably just a coincidence.

you space woman you!

davka said...



Cath said...

I did it years ago... apparently I was ESTJ

thingsonmymindgrapes said...

Yes! I'm O- as well! I have no plans to attack my future fetuses but I do have fun hair.


Unknown said...

Love the Myers-Briggs. Interestingly enough, I'm ENFP- the exact opposite of you.