Saturday, January 13, 2007

satan moves on

The Satanist broke up with me last night. It was all very subtle and polite, but surprisingly disheartening. I haven't seen him since he offered me a fairly generous $300 for a blowjob, and I turned him gently down. Last night he shows up though, right around last call at 2am, and the first thing he tells me is that he's taken some crazy barbituates and is in a bad way. I offer to help him find a chair and he looks away and clears his throat and says, "Actually I'm here to talk to Andy." Poof: dismissed. I do help him find a chair, though, since the Friday night circus is in full swing, and that's not a nice place to let a man on barbituates wander alone. Then he kisses me on the cheek, rather coldly, pats my hand in the international sign for "get lost" and I zoom off.

Andy is his dancer room-mate's new best friend -- the other girl with rock n' roll tattoos and Manic Panic hair. More his type anyway. It's all good. The money's not a terrible loss. He was never a huge spender, though reliable and consistant.

I miss him, though. He was fun. I liked him. Customers don't have a monopoly on confusing fantasy with reality and getting their feelings hurt. Only my fantasy was that he and I had some sort of bond, that we were, kinda, friends. Repeat with me this strip-club mantra: Friends don't pay friends to take their clothes off.


Brad K. said...

Grace, where would be without our illusions and delusions? As an entertainer, you must be aware that your performance succeeds when the customer gets more than is presented -- he/she brings their illusions, their experience, their emotions with them, and they enlarge your appearance and actions into something wonderful and extraordinary, and very personal for them.

As a business person, you succeed when you read a customer, and perform to enhance their enjoyment, as well as their likelihood of paying more. Marketing, selling, performing -- all aspects of learning who the customer is, and providing what makes the best business return, in your elected venue. You get to know your customers. Several successive encounters, even in the fake-erotic atmosphere of a strip club, is the beginning of a relationship. I am sure a car salesman feels rejected when a repeat customer asks for another salesman, this is something that happens in sales.

Be gracious, respect the customer's request. Sometimes you get a second chance down the road, just don't burn any bridges until you have to. And wish the poor guy the best of everything. We all just try to do our best, even the poor satanist with barbituates.\

You might try a handful of Epsom Salts in your bath. Epsom salts are a mild antiseptic for soaking skin irritations, and for muscle tension and bruising. An old time remedy.


Rolski said...

"Friends don't pay friends to take their clothes off."

Unless they're broke and drunk.

But then you're probably not being a very good friend if you do.

Rocketgirl said...

Friends don't offer friends money for sexual services. (putting them at risk for incarceration--what happens after the blowjob? Will he ever come spend money on you in the strip club again? Will he expect more blowjobs for cheaper? Will he tell other dancers? What about STDs? etc.)