Tuesday, June 27, 2006

giving phone

So I keep telling you that I'm not going to be writing anymore, and then I keep going to Kinko's and letting their computer chew on my credit card while I madly tap out little messages to you. Well, I also have to check my e-mail once a day, because if I don't people like my Mom and various editors and potential employers get all panicky and huffy and threaten to fire me/disown me/not mail me my checks.

But anyway, I just couldn't wait to tell you that the lady from the chi-chi phone domination company called me yesterday and we had a lovely talk and she sent me an application (by e-mail -- see what I mean?) and I filled it out and sent it back and wheeeeeeeeee! I'm totally terrified, actually. I'm sure I wouldn't actually be able to tell a stranger on the phone that he should be so priviledged as to lick my boots, even if it's true. But you never CAN really do anything before you HAVE done it, or such is my own experience. I never really rise to the occasion until the occasion is upon me, so I'm sure I'll be fine, when and if.

Oh, also, Writing Project #1 is published and creating a tiny but gratifying stir. I'm supposed to talk to some guy on the radio some time tomorrow.

Today I almost told my class of nine-year-olds that they were badasses, cause they were standing on their heads and it was totally impressive. The "bad" part slipped out before I could think, and then there was a long pause and then I said "monkeys." Because it was all I could think of. They were confused, but at least they didn't go home and teach a new word to Mom and Dad.

Love you. This is the last one til the computer is fixed. Really. Bye.

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patrin said...

Sigh. Miss reading your entries. Hope the comp is fixed soon for your own sanity.

Good to hear that Writing Project #1 is creating a gratifying stir, regardless of its size. Kudos!