Saturday, June 24, 2006


Just checking in, lovers. My computer is still at the garage, where the handsome tech geek told me he could rebuild my hard-drive for under $200. Nice.

So you have not and will not be hearing much from me for a week or so, but on the other hand you aren't missing too much, as I've taken last week and this week off from titty dancing to teach yoga at a summer day camp. While I have many adorable stories of the things 3-to-10-year-olds say and do when asked to assume the Pose of the Downward-Facing Dog, I doubt they would give you to same sort of voyeuristic thrills to which you have become accustomed.



patrin said...

Ah, well at least your computer is on the mend! That's great news. And ya know, downward facing dog makes me giggle at 28 years old. So does corpse pose, but perhaps that's the goth chick hidden (er, buried) very deeply inside me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yoga was pretty good to me. I took a Colorado Springs Rec. Dept. class, held in a Senior Center. I was 40, and of the 30 in the class, only two were younger, and only four were there without a doctor's referral or recommendation (not a requisite). For us it was presented as a means of increasing strength, flexibility, and managing pain. While my instructor didn't look as if she just stepped off a stage, I still bless her, and the chance to take that class.

Emily DePrang said...

Hi, beauty.

It's been a while. I forget how hilarious you are. Sounds insincere, and yet, it's sincere. Your blog is very funny. And vivid and engaging. I want to read the whole thing. If things don't work out here by November, I'll be back in Texas to work on a book. Maybe then we can actually reconnect. I didn't mean to be an absent cunt. I tend to trust time too much. Hope that makes sense; it's all I got.


Grace said...

You do understand that this puts me in the awkward position of cheering for NY to chew you up and spit you out moistly into my loving lap. While I'm at it, I'm rooting for Barbara to flunk out of MIT and Pam to be exiled from the Beltway by public scandal. Then all of you can come (back) to Texas and it'll be just like Charlie's Angels but with lesbians and neurobiology and Ultimate Frisbee.