Sunday, October 08, 2006


OK, it's time we had a talk. This blog is not a democracy. It's mine, and I made it because (a)I'm a compulsive person and writing is one of my compulsions; if I didn't blog I'd smoke more (b)my boyfriend is tired of my stripping stories (c)I enjoy the shout-outs, feedback, and occasional constructive criticism.

I do not enjoy random, inarticulate abuse. I deal more than enough at work with the various manifestations of desire as it curdles into hatred, and I don't propose to do so on in spare time, in the vulnerability of my pajamas. If you just don't like reading about strippers, there are 18 grabillion other things on the Internet for you to look at, like this or this or this. If you feel a burning desire to express hostility towards a woman in the sex industry, you can turn it sideways and shove it up your ass.

Articulate objections to my personage, prose style, and line of work will be considered for posting. Abusive drivel will be deleted with a light heart.

Go and sin no more,


patrin said...

Good for you, babe. :)

Roland Hulme said...

I think your blog is brilliant. Although beautiful AND brilliant people don't give ugly ducks like the rest of us much chance in this world. :-(

Susan said...

Exactly why I don't have comments.

Cath said...

It is a shame that it needed to be said. I have had a few people complain about things I have said on my blog - in person. My first reaction is to tell them to FUCK OFF... it is my space to use as I please. Please Grace continue using yours as you please. If people don't like it - they can just stop reading....!!!!