Tuesday, October 03, 2006

hello, joe

Shit. He's here. Everybody, hide the bong. I mean, everybody welcome Joe, who has apparently stumbled into our secret lair. I forgot that he's in some respects a Computer Guy and, like the rest of us, probably spends too much time on the 'net Googling through the infinite after our lost desires.

First my yoga students come to my titty bar. Now the regular for whom I have ambiguous feelings finds my blog. For fuck's sake, is there no such thing as anonymity anymore? I guess not when you go and post about your darkest feelings on a public board under your real-fake name for all the world to see. Even precious C. has started mooning around over my shoulder while I type. I hate all of you. Go away.


aija said...

Hey Joel. :)

(It's not really stumbling if its on purpose, eh?)

Brad K. said...

Ah, Grace! Remember, this online stuff is as real as you want it to be. The Joel's here can slaver all they like -- and only their keyboard gets sticky! On the other hand, there are many web sites with 'premium' sides which charge the Joel's of the world a fee for 'more intimate' pictures, words, degradation, typed-out phone sex, whatever. Just another market.

I think the real crossover will be when you see more than three customers each night with a printout of your latest posting. Charge lap dance fees for discussing blogging.

After all, *everyone* is a Joel. Grace on stage is the Little Bit I got to know in Jacksonville, FL, in 1977. And Ann Van de Graaf I adored in grade school, junior and senior high in Iowa. While most of your performance is exotic, there will be guys and gals that will see you as a symbol of a friend, or a fantasy. Be kind, with time they will come to terms with their Long Lost Love (or whatever) and move on. You know what is fantasy and that there isn't any real likelihood of romance or marriage for most guys, with most of the girls they meet. Whether the girl be a dancer, singer, gardener, waitress, truck driver, farmer/rancher, teacher, single mom, senator, soldier, pilot, bus driver, banker, or whatever. Because you are out there in the public, you will attract the notice of more wackos than, say, the typical karate instructor.

Only you can decide if you are a dancer that moonlights with yoga classes, or a yoga teacher that moonlights with a thong. From one perspective, bringing your yoga students to work should: a) illustrate to the students why they want to be more flexible; and b) bring in additional business for the club. Ask the club owner for a finder's fee for the group.